Cadillac SRX Denver Wheel & Tire Options | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX Denver Wheel & Tire Options | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

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Cadillac SRX Denver Wheel & Tire Options | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

For the amount of crossover SUVs on the market, only some can be considered in the category of a luxury crossover and even then, it is difficult to fine those which measure up to the standards and the performance which is found among Cadillac’s line of vehicles. The crossover is an innovative way to make a vehicle that satisfies the necessities of not just a city and urban traveler, but also one that is capable of traveling long distances, rolling over terrain that is unstable and providing the space and comfort amenities that all passengers and drivers can enjoy. The latest models of Cadillac vehicles have been introducing technology and features that make the drive vastly safer and more luxurious at every turn, and the Cadillac SRX Denver is loaded with some new and unique items. Among the technology that has been placed into this crossover is new navigation system with touch screen access, a Bose noise cancellation system and the enormous, UltraView sunroof which covers most of the front and rear seating allowing for an unprecedented amount of sky-viewing since the invention of the convertible. Overall, there are a number of newly added technologies that allow for this vehicle to be above the typical luxury vehicle and it can be viewed at a Cadillac Dealership in Denver.

Cadillac SRX Denver Choices in Luxury and Performance
The performance of a vehicle relies heavily on its foundation, and in this case the foundation is set upon the wheels, the tires, and the suspension that holds the rest of the vehicle up and keeps it moving along the path. It should be noted that there are a few different trim options of this type of vehicle available other than its standard trim model. The different trims in order are the Standard, Luxury, Performance and Premium. On the Standard model, as on most of the models, there are some mechanical features that are in place across the board and that includes electronic safety precautions and some standard designs in the mechanics. The Standard trim option of the Cadillac SRX Denver has front-wheel drive. That front-wheel drive system utilizes a 6-speed automatic transmission which has the option of a manual shifting capability to move to and from different gears at the user’s desire. All-wheel drive is a higly prized feature and essential for those traveling in winter or four-wheel drive conditions, however, that option is not available on the standard trim version of the Cadillac SRX Denver. The other three trim versions have this availability and the all-wheel drive system includes electronic Limited Slip Differential which utilizes a variety of drive enhancing dynamics which make the driving safer and more effective.

Cadillac SRX Denver Wide Variety of Wheel Options
Since this is a luxury vehicle, the Cadillac SRX Denver is not without the various luxury items and aesthetics that are found on most all of the Cadillacs in production. At the frontal area of this model, there is a grille featuring Cadillac’s emblematical logo and that is surrounded by an intricate chrome trim. The remainder of the body is trimmed in a luxurious chrome and body color fashion and offers the viewer a pleasant sense of its dignity. Found standard on the Cadillac SRX Denver are 18 inch H rated Blackwall tires and these are all season tires which are useful all year round. When it comes to the Performance and the Premium trim options the tires are larger, with 20 inch Blackwall all-season tires and each of the models has a tire inflation kit so the worry of filling up tires when out and about is diminished. The several different tire options have different styles of appearance that can be attached. They are usually 7-spoke aluminum wheels which can be painted or they can have a bright machined finish as well. This is available on both the 18 or 20 inch wheel bases. The 6-spoke wheels are  available only on the 20-inch wheelbases and come with a bright chrome finish; available on only the higher trims.

Cadillac SRX Denver Safety and Stability
While safety is of a major concern, the Cadillac SRX Denver at Rickenbaugh Cadillac is equipped with some very fine features and that is expected among a class of this luxury. The 2014 SRX ahs built within it some very nice things that are coupled with the wheels and drivetrain construct. One feature is the tire pressure monitoring system which alerts the driver when tire pressure is too low. Another is StabiliTrac. That is an electronic stability control system which maintains the vehicle’s stability on the road by controlling how much braking is used and sometimes the engine if necessary. This can prevent a rollover or loss of control through the use of braking. Not only is the Cadillac SRX Denver a luxurious option but its performance on the road is above the typical crossover SUVs on the market.


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