Cadillac SRX Denver Winter Driving | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX Denver Winter Driving | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX DenverCadillac SRX DenverCadillac SRX Denver

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Cadillac SRX Denver Winter Driving | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

The Cadillac SRX Denver is the more car-like crossover in its class. It has a chiseled and glamorous exterior that holds its own next to the Escalade. When driving home to see the family this winter, they will sure to be impressed with this Cadillac. The colors of the Cadillac SRX are all new this year with the Graphite Metallic, Terra Mocha Metallic and the Sapphire Blue Metallic. The interior of the Cadillac SRX is contemporary with the fresh trims and material combinations including the new Carmel interior with Ebony accents. Among its Cadillac peers the SRX is more focused on versatility and space than it is in performance.

Cadillac SRX Denver Comfort
The Cadillac SRX has only two rows of seating but it’s better that way because then each person has there space. There is also extendable thigh bolsters in the front seating which most adults seem to like. The driving position is upright but well contoured for comfort. The backseat passengers will not be disappointed either, the long moon roof makes for a more open feel. The ride is not pillow soft however the crisp handling makes the ride not feel as jarring. If you are worried about the noise, you don’t need to with the new active noise cancellation system. This system uses a microphone to detect noise and counteracts harshness. Even without this system the SRX is a fairly quiet ride perfect for a short commute or the long road trip. The Cadillac SRX replaced the CUE interface last year with the eight inch capacitive touch screen.

Cadillac SRX Denver Safety
The Cadillac SRX has some of the most impressive safety features for occupant protection. The Cadillac SRX Denver earned top five star ratings from the federal government and the Top Safety Pick status from the IIHS. The radar camera, sensor based safety systems along with adaptive cruise control, cross traffic alert, automatic front and rear breaking assist and even a safety alert seat. The Cadillac SRX Denver doesn’t stop there; there is also the GM’s OnStar that is included for the first year, free! An additional feature is the remote access with your smartphone; all you need is the app. Which let’s face it would come in handy. In most other vehicles these warning systems would vibrate the steering wheel; the Cadillac SRX on the other hand has a twist. When there is a warning it sends a shiver through the driver’s seat cushion, which is a smoother alert that a vibrating steering wheel. The cool part is that is triggers the side of the cushion that has the alert. So if you start crossing the yellow line on the right side the shiver will come on the right side of the cushion. There is only been one issue that drivers have found which is when you look over your shoulder… the visibility is minimal. Although there are the camera sensors there to assist is the visibility, depending on your height the lane changes may not be so confident as in other cars.

Cadillac SRX Denver Powertrain and Fuel Economy
For many the only disappointment was with the powertrain and the fuel efficiency, which can be pretty important to any buyer. The Cadillac SRX has a 3.6 liter V6 engine, but the problem is with weight of the SRX. Even with the six speed automatic transmission the SRX go from 0 to 60 in seven seconds and that is will all out acceleration. The Cadillac SRX comes available with either the front wheel or all wheel drive option. With the many options of fuel efficient possibilities on the market today the Cadillac SRX is not for you if you wanting the best EPA. The Cadillac SRX Denver gets about 16 or 17 miles per gallon in the city and about 23 or 24 miles per gallon on the highway which is considerably less than its peers that are in the 20’s and 30’s like the BMW X3 or the Audi Q5 (yes they have the same turbo four cylinder engine).

Cadillac SRX Denver Rickenbaugh Cadillac
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