Cadillac SRX Denver Fuel Efficiency | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX Denver Fuel Efficiency | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX DenverCadillac SRX DenverCadillac SRX Denver

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Cadillac SRX Denver Fuel Efficiency | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

The Cadillac SRX is a medium size crossover luxury vehicle. It offers all the great features that Cadillac lovers are expecting. The Cadillac SRX Denver comes with many great features.  This stunning car is fit with a 3.6 liter, direct injection V6 engine and a six speed automatic transmission with a manual shift control. There are two available suspension configurations to choose from front wheel and all-wheel drive. This car will go 0-60 in 6.7 seconds.  The Cadillac SRX is available from Richenbaugh Cadillac.

Cadillac SRX Denver Safety Features
The safety features on the SRX are plentiful.  The Cadillac SRX comes with an anti- lock disc brake system, six airbags that include an occupant sensing system. The theft deterrent system will  prevent any car thief from even thinking about taking your car. With the available OnStar system Stabilitrak electronic stability control, tire pressure monitor keep you safe while driving in the most extreme road conditions.  Daytime running lights make your Cadillac SRX visible to other drivers. It also has advanced high tech features like forward collision alert, a rearview camera, double sized glass sunroof, adaptive Xenon headlights, lane departure warning and rain sensing wipers.  The lane departure warning package will alert you to other cars when making a lane change.  When oncoming headlights are detected the Cadillac SRX will switch from high to low beams. With the available driver assist package you get the adaptive cruise control. Using its forward looking radar, the car will adjust the speed to maintain a safe following distance.

Cadillac SRX Denver Sound System
The Cadillac SRX sound system has three microphones that constantly monitor the sound throughout the vehicle and uses a noise cancellation method  that reduces low frequencies.  The engine noise is reduced making driving this car more calm and quiet. The noise cancelling technology built into the sound system makes your car driving experience that much more relaxing.  Available 10 speaker Bose surround sound will make the music sound perfect.  SiriusXM is available for those of you who enjoy SiriusXM programming. HD radio is also available from your Cadillac dealership in Denver.  Options for connectivity include SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 3 trial months included. Cadillac CTS also has the optional Bluetooth connectivity for phones and tablets.

Cadillac SRX Denver CUE System
CUE this stands for (Cadillac user experience) it is an advanced piece of equipment that’s built into the SRX. The CUE has an 8 inch vibrating touch screen that will sense your movement as you go to use it. CUE displays important information, confirms your commands and gives tactile feedback. This technology really brings the Cadillac a step forward in modern crossovers.  The voice activated navigation system will make it simple to enter a destination. The Cadillac SRX in Denver has many upgrades like a cargo fence that connects to a U- Rail in the back trunk of the vehicle.  Another great upgrade would be the black net that attaches to the floor to keep luggage or other items from sliding around while you are driving. The cargo area is also useful for keeping your items safe while driving home.  The Cadillac SRX Denver has a net that attaches to the sides of the trunk, allowing you to pack the back of the vehicle and ensure nothing tumbles out onto the passengers. There are many upgrades the SRX offers like, a cargo security shade that hides and protects your possessions. The Cadillac SRX has retractable rear cargo area divider to keep things separate. Everyone has had something fall on a loaf of bread or eggs. This divider will help keep these items from being destroyed.

Cadillac SRX Denver Exterior
Made from a solid block of steel the Cadillac SRX is stunning with its aggressive stance. The polished aluminum 20-Inch wheels standard on the performance and premium models really make the Cadillac SRX look sexy. If you plan to use the Cadillac SRX Denver to transport groceries or other items the power liftgate will make accessing the cargo area very easy.  The HiD headlamps with headlamp washers will keep your car extremely visible to other drivers reducing the risk of crashes. Cadillac is known for its classy style and unmatched quality. This luxury CUV is packed with a host of options that really make the driver feel at ease while behind the wheel. One thing that always matters to most of us is the gas mileage. The Cadillac SRX from your Richenbaugh Cadillac dealer will get 24MPG highway driving. If you do a lot of city driving it will achieve 17MPG. This makes the Cadillac SRX very affordable at the pump.  It is loaded with a 21 gallon tank to allow plenty of gas for those long road trips you have planned.



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