Cadillac SRX In Denver winter driving | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX In Denver winter driving | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

Cadillac SRX in DenverCadillac SRX in DenverCadillac SRX in Denver

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Cadillac SRX In Denver winter driving | Rickenbaugh Cadillac

In the realm of the luxury crossover vehicles the Cadillac SRX from your Cadillac Dealership in Denver is a pinnacle of style and grace. The Cadillac SRX in Denver made its debut in the market back in 2004, introducing itself as the competition for the European crossovers that had made their way across the pond to compete with the increasingly popular domestic and Asian vehicles that were the natural replacement for the minivan in a culture that has been obsessed with the rugged looks of an SUV ever since they made it to the showroom floor. While there were certainly some great options in the luxury crossover market making it over to us from the European market the Cadillac badge was still able to carry more weight than the amenities that these contenders could offer and thus the Cadillac SRX was an instant success, bringing the kind of luxury and performance that we have all come to expect from Cadillac but packaging it in the crossover body style that has been ever so popular for many years now. For those of us who are relegated to driving in the inclement weather conditions of Colorado, though, the real question when considering any crossover is, will it perform in the snow? Well, lets take a look at what the Cadillac SRX has to offer and answer that all important question right now.

Cadillac SRX in Denver

Cadillac SRX in Denver

Cadillac SRX in Denver Sporty and Powerful
First and foremost when it comes to navigating your way through the freezing rain and the snow is the amount of power you can produce to cope with the road conditions. No amount of traction control can get you out of the deeper snow drifts if you don’t have the power under the hood to get your wheels to turn properly. This is where the powertrain of the Cadillac SRX from your Cadillac Dealership in Denver outshines most of the competition. Not only will you get a sporty and powerful ride in the summertime which is one of the more rare aspects to find in a crossover, but you will have the power to get yourself out of the deepest drifts in the wintertime as well. This is thanks to the 3.6 liter V6 that comes standard on all the versions of the Cadillac SRX in Denver, from Rickenbaugh Cadillac and manages to produce 308 horsepower and 265 lb ft of torque. The torque is where you really find your biggest advantage in the winter time as it offers you the raw power that you need to get your tires spinning when they are bogged down by the heavy snows in Colorado.

Cadillac SRX in Denver Responsive All Wheel Drive
Once you’ve got your self moving forward the most important thing is to keep yourself moving, this is where the drivetrains of the Cadillac SRX in Denver come into play. First and foremost, all of the Cadillac SRX from your Cadillac Dealership in Denver models come equipped with a standard front wheel drive. For those of us who do most of our driving in the city or on major roads that are plowed right away, this is often quite sufficient (with good tires) to cope with the reduced traction of the winter driving experience. However, we don’t all have the luxury of nicely plowed roads all the time and for those of us who don’t there is the option of going all wheel drive for all of the Cadillac SRX models save for the base which is front wheel drive only. The all wheel drive system in the Cadillac SRX from Rickenbaugh Cadillac is sure to get you where you need to go no matter what the weather has in store. Responsive all wheel drive is a must for some and in the Cadillac SRX you can have exactly what you need.

Cadillac SRX in Denver High Tech Features
While the all wheel drive system and the powertrain in the Cadillac SRX are certainly built with the highest technology available on the market, when we talk about high tech features we are often referring to the gadgets and gizmos that we don’t normally expect to find in a vehicle. When it comes to keeping your Cadillac SRX in Denver safe and on the road where it belongs in the winter time there is no shortage of high tech amenities to get the job done. First and foremost we should look to the available traction control which is essential when you are dealing with the slippery Denver winter roads. This tech keeps your on the road by detecting when your wheels start to slip and compensating through power and braking where it is needed. You also have the very cool seat alert system which can let you know when a vehicle is in your blind spot through a gentle vibration on one or the other side of your seat. This is smart tech and something you are sure to appreciate in your new Cadillac SRX from Rickenbaugh Cadillac.


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